Comm-Fit provides premium fitness equipment options to meet a variety of budgets. We offer a turn-key, solution-based approach to each project, and address details upfront to ensure a smooth installation. Comm-Fit now offers disinfecting products and services to help you reduce the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria in your facility and on your equipment. With our facility disinfection service, we apply an EPA-approved, one-step disinfectant that kills viruses and bacteria in 10 minutes, including Human Coronavirus. We also offer hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes and dispensers so you can provide disinfecting products throughout your facility. From design and installation to maintenance and facility disinfection, Comm-Fit is the leader in innovative fitness facility solutions. 


Ways to Enhance your Fitness Amenity without Breaking the Budget!

In this month's IREMS publication, David Risser, CCO of Comm-Fit, addresses simple and effective ways to enhance your existing amenity.


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