Client Testimonial: BodyBusiness Austin


To Whom It May Concern:  
When we started our renovation converting our wet area (swimming pool/hot tub/steam room) into a small group training space I had my mind set on Torque X-Rack which I had actually seen at IHRSA a couple years ago.  So I contacted Torque and they put me in touch with Marcus Ling at CommFit.  
Marcus came to BodyBusiness to view the space and I saw his eyes light up just like mine!  After many visits, phone conversations, and text messages he sent me a drawing of the space with all the equipment in it that I had requested.  This included flooring (rubber and turf), Torque X-Rack, TRX's, med balls, dumbbells, kettle bells, ViPR's and tons of storage for the space as well.  Once the order was placed Marcus continued to stay in touch, stop by to see the renovation progress on the space and make suggestions along the way.  Our Grand Opening of the space was set for May 21st and we were down to the wire getting everything in.  The installation crew for the flooring were amazing (leveling and floating the concrete before installation), making sure everything was exact!  It looks amazing!!  Then the Torque unit arrived - took three full days to install but the crew did a fabulous job getting it together, in the proper place and secured.  On May 20th all of the accessories arrived and Ben a his team unpacked everything, placed it exactly where we wanted it and cleared all the trash and left us with a beautiful, fully equipped space for our Grand Opening!!
If you are wanting to find a fitness equipment company that is one stop shop, definitely contact Marcus Ling with CommFit.  The customer service was amazing, the knowledge about all the equipment was extremely helpful, and his team made this a great experience for BodyBusiness. Our members love the new space!  
So Grateful!!!!
Mendy Dimanoff
Small Group Training Director 
BodyBusiness Fitness
Austin, TX