Ways to Enhance your Fitness Amenity without Breaking the Budget!


In this month's IREMS publication, David Risser, CCO of Comm-Fit, addresses simple and effective ways to enhance your existing amenity.


1) Accessories.
Whether it’s a part of one’s rehab program or daily exercise routine, properly used fitness accessories can enhance your workout and provide new, unique challenges!  Some effective, user-friendly accessories include: medicine balls, kettle bells, stability balls, bands, jump ropes, mats, etc., all of which are relatively inexpensive.  Many great exercise programs utilize fitness accessories to optimize workout routines and are valuable tools for a complete fitness program.  

2) Space.
One key factor missing from many corporate facilities is “space.”  
Certainly, cardio-vascular and strength machines continue to be a mainstay of fitness programs.  However, today’s users are much more educated about fitness.  As a result, many users have learned individualized routines to meet their specific needs.  Many of these routines simply require open space to stretch, execute various body weight exercises, and safely utilize the accessories mentioned above.  
Providing accessories and allocating space for users to comfortably perform individualized routines will enhance your fitness space, improve functionality, provide a little color, and show that you support the diverse fitness needs of a broad client base.


David Risser, Commercial Fitness Consultant
drisser@comm-fit.com | 972-880-9312