Texas Consilium Breakfast – Board Room Discussion

 At our breakfast Tuesday, January 26, 2021 we hosted our third panel discussion with a few selected leaders of our 2020-21 Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award nominees. Building off our initial award nominee interviews, we explored further what these leaders have in common — inspiration, lessons learned and challenges.  Every business leader is sure […]

PODCAST 23: Seth Gordon

In some cases, business owners have not only changed the way that they do business because of the pandemic, they’ve also had to change what kinds of customers they serve. That’s what today’s guest discovered as his business, which had been primarily in the B to B space, started serving consumers more directly in the […]

Introducing Our Brick and Mortar Resilience Award Winners

Two months ago, we announced our new Brick and Mortar Resilience Awards Program that aimed to celebrate the grit, resilience and creative thinking that business owners have demonstrated in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. From June 18th to August 6th, over 600 small businesses from across the country were nominated. To say that reading through these incredible stories […]