Comm-Fit’s in-house service department enables us to better serve our clients as a one-stop solution for equipment and disinfection needs. 

Service Contact

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Mark Smith — Service Director, Texas

Brenda Gerard — Service Administrator, Texas

E: | P.  972-996-1712

Repair & Maintenance

Our service technicians have over 30 years of experience in industry.  Through continuing education coursework and certifications, our technicians keep abreast of technological advancements and maintain an acute knowledge of parts.

Our Comm-Fit repair trucks often carry parts needed for immediate repair to get our clients’ equipment “up and running” quickly.  

Comm-Fit’s In-House Service Specialists provide:

  • 24 hour response to all service requests
  • 48 hour service dispatch
  • Certified service technicians
  • Stocked parts for quick repair and replacement
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs for a variety of equipment brands 

Facility Disinfection Service

You trust Comm-Fit and our experienced technicians to provide unparalleled service for the installation and maintenance of your fitness equipment and now we provide an innovative solution to apply disinfectant to the facility we already know well. We use an EPA-approved, one-step, broad-spectrum disinfection product through a powerful and efficient application system to treat your high-touch areas. Our disinfectant product kills microorganisms in 10 minutes, including Human Coronavirus, HIV-1, VRE, MRSA, Herpes Simplex Types 1&2, Influenza Type A, Rotavirus and many more.

We can service fitness spaces, restrooms, locker rooms, offices, public spaces, and cafeterias and spray all surfaces including equipment, weights, mats, door handles, light switches, window and mirrors.


Contact Comm-Fit at (972) 620-7788 for pricing options and to arrange for our certified technicians to apply disinfectant your space.  


Preventative Maintenance & Warranty

Your fitness equipment should be operating efficiently and safely!  We encourage our clients to maintain a regular Preventative Maintenance (PMA) Program to ensure that your fitness equipment maintains optimal performance.  Contact Comm-Fit Service today for a complimentary PMA estimate.

For additional peace of mind, inquire about our extended Protection Plan Program.  

Download the Preventative Maintenance Checklist Here