Design & Layout


With over 1000 projects completed per year and growing, our teams are expertly equipped to help you maximize the use and space of any fitness facility.

A major component of our service offering is a commitment to exceptional project management. Our experienced customer service teams will manage your project from the start of the sales process to the end. This involves a dedicated sales rep who will lead the design and layout phase, a no-cost component of our turn-key service offering. Our team will then transfer you to a reliable and accessible project manager for the remainder of your experience with Comm-Fit. This is our way of ensuring that your needs are always acknowledged and addressed, swiftly and effectively.



At Comm-Fit, we provide both 2D and 3D layouts and consider several factors when planning and designing your fitness and athletic facility, such as activity flow, equipment selection, budget, power supply, and ensuring ADA compliance especially with certain target demographics who will be utilizing the space.

In addition to equipment and availability of usable space within the facility, we understand flooring is a vital part of any space. Often overlooked or ignored by other vendors, flooring is a critical aspect of our turn-key solution. We know the impact the correct flooring can have on your facility and take immense pride in ensuring that the composition of your athletic flooring is appropriate for the space, installed correctly and efficiently, and most importantly safe.

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