Disinfection & Safety


At Comm-Fit, our expertise stems from a passion for health and wellness, not just fitness and equipment. Because of this, part of our holistic, turn-key service offering includes our disinfection department and specialists.

We take pride in our service teams, because every technician is trained and certified to deliver a premium standard of service and maintenance to meet your satisfaction.

Our technicians and team members not only provide exceptional service to our clients but also to any customer that needs maintenance and repair for any product or supplier. Learn how we can help you maintain the safety and quality of your fitness center from the floor up.


Products & Services

Cleaning & Disinfecting Wipes

Wipes formulated to clean and disinfect fitness facilities without causing rust or erosion to the equipment

Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer that kills 99% of the most common viruses and bacteria

Electrostatic Disinfectant

EPA-approved electrostatic disinfectant spraying that kills microorganisms in 10 minutes, including Human Coronavirus

Wipes & Sanitizer Dispensers

Wall-mounted and free-standing dispensers with trash cans depending on your needs

Learn more about our products and effective disinfectant